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    Australia politics live: Shoebridge targets PwC in parliament over alleged ‘unminuted meeting’ with federal police commissioner

  • State of Origin 2023 Game 2: Queensland cheers and NSW tears – in pictures

    The Maroons deliver a comprehensive 32-6 humiliation of New South Wales to claim the series
  • Victoria’s top prosecutor defends decision not to lay charges over Lawyer X scandal

    After explosive criticism from special investigator, Kerri Judd says she had no confidence a key figure would give evidence against police
  • Australia’s eSafety umpire issues legal warning to Twitter amid rise in online hate

  • Boy, 10, bitten and dragged under water in dingo attack on K’gari beach

  • Being evicted for no reason in Sydney is stressful, frightening and all too common

    Kirby Warren
  • Why does the RBA want unemployment to go up? And what has it got to do with inflation?

  • Woodside has huge plans to drill for oil and gas – and to meet its climate targets. How does it do it?

    Graham Readfearn
  • Tom Calma says politicians deliberately ‘peddling misinformation’ on Indigenous voice

  • Newcrest’s Cadia goldmine fails to meet clean air standards, NSW EPA finds

  • Transparency concerns as vast backlog of Australian MP expense claims unlikely to be cleared until mid-2024

    • Midwinter Ball 2023: Canberra’s night of nights – in pictures

    • Politicians dress up for Canberra’s night of nights – as it happened

    • PwC tax scandal: firm engaged in a ‘calculated’ breach of trust, Senate committee finds

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Opinion & analysis

  • It’s a wrap for Fantales, but we’ll always have our sweet memories

    Jen King
  • Why are Australians paying so much for alcohol-free drinks that aren’t taxed?

    Cameron Shackell for the Conversation
  • I have seen the devastating impacts of Australia’s hotel detention – it’s time to stop ‘regularising’ it

    Lorraine Finlay
  • Calla Wahlquist

    Love them or loathe them Facebook groups can be a lifeline for rural communities

    Calla Wahlquist
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  • Indigenous voice: 'I am not interested in culture wars,' says Linda Burney – video



  • President of Tibet’s government-in-exile: region is seeking autonomy not independence – video



    President of the Tibetan government-in-exile delivers press club address
  • Critically endangered bettongs flown 2,000km in ambitious rewilding program – video



    Seventy-three critically endangered brush-tailed bettongs have been flown 2,000km to a new home on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula
  • Voice to parliament described as ‘worthless’ by leaders of Blak sovereignty movement – video



  • Jacqui Lambie tells the Senate she has referred ADF senior commanders to the ICC – video

  • Linda Burney: we are 'one step closer in unifying Australia' after voice legislation passes – video



  • 'This is big for us': Aunty Pat Anderson on the voice bill passing parliament – video

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  • One in nine Australians is a carer - are you one of them?

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