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  • News
    Carnegie medal for children’s books goes to a translation for the first time

  • Fiction
    Be Mine by Richard Ford review – America, the fool’s paradise

    Kevin Power
    The final Frank Bascombe book explores happiness and denial, completing a social history of Ford’s own boomer generation from midlife to end times
  • Health, mind and body books
    Allergic by Theresa MacPhail review – in canaries the coal mine

    Katy Guest
    Is environmental change behind the mysterious rise in allergies, from asthma to anaphylaxis?
  • News
    £15,000 prize launched for writers from refugee and migrant backgrounds

  • Top 10
    Adventure stories

  • Fiction
    Reproduction by Louisa Hall review – pregnancy, pain and Frankenstein

    Lara Feigel
  • Music books
    Bee Gees: Children of the World by Bob Stanley review – very high and mighty

    Andrew Martin
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What to read

  • Ukraine
    Beyond the fog of war: books to help us understand the invasion

  • Paperbacks
    This month’s best paperbacks: Jarvis Cocker, Barbara Kingsolver and more

    • 100 best novels of all time
      From The Pilgrim's Progress to True History of the Kelly Gang

    • The 100 best books of the 21st century

    • 100 best nonfiction books of all time
      From Naomi Klein to the Bible – the full list

  • Society books
    Fighting for Life by Isabel Hardman; Our NHS by Andrew Seaton review – the NHS at 75

    Rafael Behr
  • Science and nature books
    One Midsummer’s Day by Mark Cocker review – soaring with swifts

    Katy Guest
    Wonder and gratitude drive a revelatory account of this vital summer visitor
  • Literary criticism
    Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies review – in search of the bard

    Stephanie Merritt
    Diligent scholarship meets provocation and irreverence in Elizabeth Winkler’s highly entertaining quest to uncover the ‘real’ Shakespeare
    • Society books
      Fighting for Life by Isabel Hardman; Critical by Dr Julia Grace Patterson reviews – is the NHS really on its last legs?

      Alan Johnson
    • Society books
      Rural by Rebecca Smith review – a personal study of working-class life in the countryside

      Richard Benson
    • Autobiography and memoir
      My Friend Anne Frank by Hannah Pick-Goslar review – a survivor’s story

      Fiona Sturges
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  • Fiction
    When We Were Sisters by Fatimah Asghar review – a poetic tale of familial grief

    Sana Goyal
  • Fiction
    Kala by Colin Walsh review – vanishings, betrayals and friends reunited in rural Ireland

    Lucy Popescu
    This confidently plotted debut novel from the award-winning short story writer has a strong cast and vivid dialogue
  • Graphic novel of the month
    Thomas Girtin: The Forgotten Painter by Oscar Zarate review – enriching tale of the power of art

    Rachel Cooke
    Using two time frames, this engrossing book flits between three modern admirers of the groundbreaking artist and the man himself wandering Europe
  • Fiction
    The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese review – an epic tale of people and place

    Santanu Bhattacharya
  • Fiction
    The Late Americans by Brandon Taylor review – a class act

    Lara Feigel
  • Fiction
    Ghost Girl, Banana by Wiz Wharton review – a Hong Kong family saga

    Kit Fan
  • Fiction
    Whether Violent or Natural by Natasha Calder review – visions of a toxic Eden

    Catriona Ward
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  • Children and teenagers books
    The best new chapter books

    Kitty Empire
  • Children's book roundup
    The best new picture books and novels

    Imogen Russell Williams
    A concrete garden; a funny, uncompromising portrait of disability; an epic of ancient Greece; and the pick of new YA fiction
  • Children's books
    The best recent picture books

    Rose Tremain and JJ Bola become the latest novelists to turn their hands to writing for young children with tales about a magical metal bird and a boy overcoming his anger
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  • Ashleigh Nugent
    Black stories were always about London

  • Barbara Kingsolver
    Rural people are so angry they want to blow up the system

    The first author to win the Women’s prize for fiction twice on how Charles Dickens – and rage about the opioid crisis - helped her write ‘the great Appalachian novel’
  • Peter Turchin
    How to avoid a civil war, by the man who predicted Trump

    Across the west, popular misery and ‘elite overproduction’ are fuelling crisis, argues data-driven historian Peter Turchin. So what can we do to turn things around?
  • Lorrie Moore
    I’m just cruel. What can I tell you?

  • James Comey
    I’d like to take readers inside the White House

  • Ocean Vuong
    I don’t believe a writer should just keep writing as long as they’re alive

  • Brandon Taylor
    Writing is the most fun I’m capable of having

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  • The books of my life
    Gary Shteyngart: ‘Orwell made dictatorships seem a lot less sexy’

  • Where to start with
    Where to start with: Kazuo Ishiguro

    Bittersweet tales of a deluded butler, Arthurian fables and the view from AI – if you’re not familiar with the garlanded author’s work, here are some good entry points
  • Big idea
    The big idea: Will AI make us stupid?

    There may be an unexpected upside to machines taking on more of our mental tasks
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