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    Australia politics live: Shoebridge targets PwC in parliament over alleged ‘unminuted meeting’ with federal police commissioner

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  • Qantas falls 12 places to 17th in list of world’s best airlines

  • PwC tax scandal: firm engaged in a ‘calculated’ breach of trust, Senate committee finds

  • Judge blocks Telstra and TPG deal to share regional mobile networks

  • Golden nuggets: KFC price hikes in Australia outpace McDonald’s with some products up to 25% dearer than a year ago

  • Rex Airlines warns of $35m loss due to ‘supply chain shocks’

  • NDIS agency scrambles over risk of leaked sensitive client information in HWL Ebsworth hack

  • Migrant groups urge reform of Australia’s ‘broken’ skills recognition process

  • Australia’s unemployment falls to 3.6% as the economy adds 76,000 jobs in May

  • Australian CEOs pocket 15% pay rises as average worker wages fail to match cost-of-living increases

  • Greg Jericho

    Yes, Australia’s gender pay gap is closing. But today’s working women will retire before it is fixed

    Greg Jericho
    • Will the Taylor tour spur inflation? No, but a Swift spending spree might just save us from a recession

      Greg Jericho
    • Forget death and taxes, the real certainty in Australia is rising house prices

      Greg Jericho
    • Is the RBA pushing Australia into a recession? – Full Story podcast

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In depth

  • ‘We will win’: Tiwi Islanders draw a line in the sand against Santos gas project and ‘white fella rule’

  • Revealed: documents detail key players behind vast Australian fossil fuel expansion

    Former politicians and executives have propelled the Northern Territory’s Middle Arm hub from dream to likely realisation
  • ‘I feel like I’ve missed out’: has working from home thrown the gen Zs out with the water cooler?

    The decline of the daily commute has been good for most but entering the workforce without ever working in an office can be challenging
  • Hopes launch of new electric car could spark price war in Australia

  • A post-piggy bank world: what does money mean if you can’t hold it in your hand?

  • Shrinkflation: don’t want to upset customers with price rises? Just make your product smaller

  • What the price of Nescafé at Woolworths tells us about supermarket promotion tactics

  • An Australian airline cancelled our flight and we want a refund. Is there anything we can do?

  • Political point scoring over latest RBA rate rise won’t help those feeling the ‘painful squeeze’

  • Anxiety stirs in NSW community as Cadia mine investigated over heavy metals in blood tests


  • Why are Australians paying so much for alcohol-free drinks that aren’t taxed?

    Cameron Shackell for the Conversation
  • Our future as an electrostate: Alan Finkel on how Australia gets to net zero from here

    Alan Finkel
  • First Dog on the Moon

    Inflation! The price of everything is always going up – but why?

    First Dog on the Moon
  • A coal royalties revamp delivered a record surplus in Queensland. Here’s why NSW must follow suit

    Tim Buckley
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World news

  • Sky launches TV smart camera for joint viewing and motion-controlled games

  • Labour piles pressure on Sunak with plan to prevent ‘mortgage catastrophe’

  • Bank of England must ‘create recession’ to fight high inflation, Hunt advisor says, as mortgage rates rise again – as it happened

  • Housing market will be ‘choppy’ until interest rates settle, says Berkeley boss

  • 1.4m UK mortgage holders face 20% hit to disposable income from rate hikes

  • TransPennine Express services ‘worse’ under state-owned OLR

  • Bank poised to hike interest rates as inflation remains unchanged at 8.7%

  • UK government debt rises above 100% of GDP for first time since 1961

  • THG chief Matt Moulding gives up ‘golden’ share

  • Inflation calculator: find out how much UK household price rises affect you

Global view

  • Nils Pratley

    Let’s not pretend Labour has found a way to defuse the ‘mortgage timebomb’

    Nils Pratley
  • Will Rishi Sunak meet his December deadline to halve UK inflation?

    • Nils Pratley

      Note to Labour: energy transition isn’t just about power generation

      Nils Pratley
    • Larry Elliott

      As mortgage rates surge, the Tories are losing their reputation for economic competence

      Larry Elliott
    • Sunak, Hunt and homebuyers brace for an economic Big Wednesday

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