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  • Etcetera Etcetera
    The 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)

    The Drag Race alum shares what makes her laugh online. Maybe it’s too camp – or just camp enough
  • Bite the hand that streams!
    Charlie Brooker is trolling Netflix – and it’s breathtaking

    Black Mirror had become a grim, horrid dud … until Brooker used the new season to lash out at his bankrollers like a petulant child. Is this the ultimate act of self-sabotage?
  • Mao's Last Dancer
    Li Cunxin retiring from Queensland Ballet due to ‘serious health concerns’

    The 62-year-old ballet dancer and author of bestselling memoir Mao’s Last Dancer is retiring after 11-years as artistic director at Queensland Ballet, citing his health
  • ‘I’ve always been the only Black actor in the room’
    Is God Is, the explosive play shaking up theatre

    The hit play, which is MTC’s first all Black production, blends Spaghetti westerns and Greek tragedies to produce a story that is by, for and about Black women
    • Dark Mofo
      My fiance died unexpectedly last year. Could communal grieving help me heal?

      Anthony Nocera
    • Miles Franklin award 2023
      Shortlist revealed for Australia’s prestigious literary prize

    • ‘From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads’
      My 2,700-mile bike ride into Bowie’s Life on Mars?

    • Elton John
      Gay rights are going backwards in the US, says singer

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  • Stream lover
    The Idol, Black Mirror and Betoota: what’s new to streaming in Australia this June

    • Bookmark this
      ‘Sinister’, ‘bonkers’, ‘meta’: the best Australian books out in June

    • Australia's best new music
      Kylie, Genesis Owusu and David Bridie: Australia’s best new music for June

    • Stream team
      I won’t pretend Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid isn’t stupid. But it’s also very fun

    • The funniest things on the internet
      Etcetera Etcetera: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)

Australia this month

  • ‘One of Australia’s best loved artists’
    The chaos, generosity and genius of Margaret Olley

    As the 100th anniversary of Olley’s birth approaches, art dealer Philip Bacon recalls her friendship with Barry Humphries and how ‘tough’ she could be
  • Rising festival
    Dead Haitians have no problem travelling to Australia – but living ones do

  • The arts are finally on Australia’s national agenda. We need the ABC to cover it

    Esther Anatolitis
    • From cultural cringe to clogged charts
      Why aren’t Australians listening to Australian music?

    • Bluey’s cricket episode
      Why did it leave Australians in tears and Americans puzzled?

    • Vivid Sydney
      The festival outraged many by charging for the botanic garden. But is the show worth it?

    • Dark Mofo’s 36-hour rave
      Either the best bush doof or worst orgy ever

    • MasterChef Australia
      Behind-the-scenes visits can be strange. In this case, it was bittersweet

    • FBoy Island Australia
      Abbie Chatfield on how reality TV got in on the joke

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Australian reviews

  • Film
    The Last Daughter review – one woman’s tender and uplifting search for the truth

  • Books
    I Look Forward to Hearing from You by Nick Bhasin review – madcap Hollywood satire

  • Sydney film festival 2023
    Man on Earth review – a beautifully humane documentary about a dying man’s last days

  • Television
    The Betoota Advocate Presents review – satirical news website’s TV debut is fast and funny

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  • Film
    Wham! review – Netflix study of 80s pop legends is entertaining but weirdly incurious

  • Books
    Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies review – in search of the bard

    Diligent scholarship meets provocation and irreverence in Elizabeth Winkler’s highly entertaining quest to uncover the ‘real’ Shakespeare
  • Music
    Sigur Rós: Átta review – too much amorphous euphoria

    With ambient strings and language-less vocals to the fore, the Icelandic art-rockers’ first album in a decade is in danger of washing right over you
  • Music
    Killer Mike: Michael review – killer hooks and swaggering, tender introspection

  • Books
    When We Were Sisters by Fatimah Asghar review – a poetic tale of familial grief

  • Black Mirror season six review
    Prepare to convulse in horror on the sofa

  • Our Planet II review
    So much of David Attenborough’s new show is just astonishing

  • Music
    Asake: Work of Art review – Nigerian star’s brilliance means every track could be a single

  • Film
    Extraction 2 review – Chris Hemsworth action sequel most interested in extracting cash

  • Games
    F1 23 review – a return to racing form

  • Television
    The Full Monty TV review – boring and badly written

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  • The Magnificent Ambersons
    Rebirth for ruined Orson Welles masterpiece that rivalled Citizen Kane

    The studio ‘butchered’ the legendary director’s 1942 film. Now an ambitious project is under way to restore it
  • Al Pacino
    83-year-old actor welcomes new baby

  • France
    Officials fight for possession of French Revolution-era letter

    • ‘Mine’s lobster and champagne’
      Judi Dench reveals secret onstage supper at Shakespeare play

    • Big Pokey
      Houston rapper dies at age 48

    • ‘Principled, gifted, committed’
      Politicians and actors salute Glenda Jackson

    • Music industry
      Music publishers sue Twitter for $250m citing Elon Musk’s copyright stance

    • Beyoncé
      Concert in Stockholm blamed for unexpectedly high Swedish inflation

    • John Romita Sr
      The Spider-Man artist was a titan of the comic-book world

      David Barnett
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  • Do you remember the first time?
    Jonathan Coe, Róisín Murphy and more on their artistic debuts

    • Ice Cube
      Keep your reparations. It’s about access to capital, and we’re being shut out

    • Ranked
      The 25 best stunts in cinema

    • Bryan Cranston
      My dad wanted to be a star. It’s a sign of immaturity

    • ‘People thought they knew the story’
      The rise and fall of Milli Vanilli

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Pictures & video

  • Mystery man
    The many guises of Juan Pablo Echeverri – in pictures

  • ‘I feel love’
    Nicholas Blair’s images of gay joy and defiance in 80s America

    A new book of photographs memorialises the excitement, humour, intimacy – and lurking peril – on the streets in San Francisco and New York where the gay community thrived
  • Friendship, freedom and fragility
    The photographer who returns to her teenage years

    Beauty and pain coincided for Tajette O’Halloran when she came of age in northern NSW. As an adult she is recreating scenes from her adolescence
  • Glenda Jackson
    A life in pictures

  • Chimp cuddles and clever coyotes
    The 10th BigPicture Natural World photography competition – in pictures

  • Smile for the camera!
    Magical images of childhood – in pictures

  • Light up!
    The best of Photo Basel 2023 – in pictures

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  • ‘Maybe I’m a prude now!’
    Graham Norton on drag, dreams, death and desire

  • Nauseating, hateful TV
    How The Idol has single-handedly resurrected torture porn

  • 'Living my life was more important than being in movies’
    Elliot Page on Juno, Hollywood’s dark side and coming out twice

  • ‘Blatant sexism’
    Why is a great painter who lived to 101 still defined by a man she left in the 1950s?

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