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The frontline

Inside Australia's climate emergency
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  • Blockade Australia climate protests cause traffic chaos in Brisbane and Melbourne

    Queensland police alerted to man who suspended himself over Port of Brisbane Road, blocking all eastbound lanes.
  • Is that you, Migaloo? Tourist captures video of familiar-looking whale over Great Barrier Reef

  • Australians far less aware of biodiversity loss than climate crisis, research finds

  • Australia needs to reduce emissions to net zero by 2038 to do ‘fair share’ to contain global heating, analysis shows

  • Retired Santos gas wells off Western Australia coast leaking for a decade, regulator says

  • Australian governments impose recycling rules after packaging industry fails on waste

  • Dry run: Australia’s ski season kicks off without snow and El Niño may be to blame

  • Unesco praises Albanese government for efforts to protect Great Barrier Reef

  • Conservationists welcome gillnet fishing ban in Great Barrier Reef world heritage area

  • Humpback whale freed after gruelling eight-hour rescue mission in Australia

  • March of the fire ants could reach Sydney’s outskirts by 2035, costing economy up to $1.2bn a year

  • Energy company’s NSW cash for gas appliances promotion labelled ‘backward step’ for climate

  • Albanese government urged to push international banks to stop funding fossil fuel development

  • Pressure grows on Albanese government to end native forest logging

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The Green Recovery

Rebuilding post-pandemic Australia
  • The Green Recovery: can I still eat meat if I care about the environment? – video



    Meat production is responsible for almost 10% of Australia's carbon emissions. Is there an environmentally sustainable way to be a carnivore?

  • How Australia's meat industry could be part of the climate solution

  • How Australia's 'white gold' could power the global electric vehicle revolution

    • 'Enormous opportunity': how Australia could become the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy

    • The Green Recovery: how Australia can ditch coal (without ditching jobs) – video



    • Joint venture looks to invest billions in 'natural capital' projects to help combat climate change

    • This man turns discarded coffee cups into roads

    • The Green Recovery: how Australia can close the recycling loop – video



    • ‘A story of hope’: how the Covid downturn could help Australia rebuild from its black summer

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Investigations and analysis

  • Hopes launch of new electric car could spark price war in Australia

    China’s BYD says the Dolphin will be ‘the most affordable, high-quality EV’ launched in the country
  • Smoke in the air as Australia’s fire crews prepare for the return of El Niño

  • Weather tracker: Guam and Philippines brace for Typhoon Mawar

    • Aquawatch Australia to issue world’s first water quality forecasts

    • Australia’s air pollution hotspots hit disadvantaged people harder

    • Deserted islands: the push to make owners responsible for ‘derelict’ Queensland resorts

    • Weather tracker: Severe storms rock Australia and Canada

    • Every household will go on a journey of electrification. We can make that easier, or harder

    • Wash, blow dry and 1.5 degrees please: hairdressers trained to talk about climate action

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  • Graham Readfearn

    Woodside has huge plans to drill for oil and gas – and to meet its climate targets. How does it do it?

    Graham Readfearn
  • I feel responsible for my role in fracking agreements signed long ago. But I won’t stop fighting to save the Beetaloo basin

    Janet Gregory
    • Our future as an electrostate: Alan Finkel on how Australia gets to net zero from here

      Alan Finkel
    • A coal royalties revamp delivered a record surplus in Queensland. Here’s why NSW must follow suit

      Tim Buckley
    • Goodbye Mr Fabulous, the giant cuttlefish who let us into his world and changed ours for the better

      Kate Ahmad
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World news

  • Grenades in the French Alps: Protesters clash with police over world's longest tunnel – video



    Protesters clashed with police in the Maurienne Valley, south east France on Saturday, as they demonstrated against a tunnel being built through the base of the Alpine range that separates France and Italy. The protesters were attempting to reach a site where drilling has already begun on what will be the world's longest tunnel, but were blocked by police. 
  • Aristocrat forced to open part of estate to public after council ruling

  • Climate campaigner takes Surrey oil drilling case to supreme court

    • Orca rams into yacht off Shetland in first such incident in northern waters

    • Air pollution ‘aged’ hospital Covid patients by 10 years, study shows

    • Gas stoves emit benzene levels above secondhand smoke, US study finds

    • Rewetting England’s lowland peat could help meet emissions target, says study

    • UK supermarket supplier’s chickens given antibiotics critical for humans

    • Debt relief urgent for poor countries hit by climate shocks, says IMF chief

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Global view

  • ‘A green transition that leaves no one behind’: world leaders release open letter

    Emmanuel Macron, Mia Mottley, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel, Olaf Scholz, Fumio Kishida, William Ruto, Macky Sall, Cyril Ramaphosa, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Rishi Sunak and Joe Biden
  • Canada is on fire, and big oil is the arsonist

    Tzeporah Berman
    • Others debate whether Putin’s attack on Ukraine is genocide. As bombs rain down on us, I have no doubt

      Oleksandr Mykhed
    • How bad is wildfire smoke for your health? Here’s my view as a toxicologist

      Christopher T Migliaccio
    • The Guardian view on Colombia’s child survivors: a rainforest fairytale

    • The hard right and climate catastrophe are intimately linked. This is how

      George Monbiot
    • From the oceans to ‘net zero’ targets, we’re in denial about the climate crisis

      Adam Morton
    • It may be hot, but most British homes don’t need aircon. Switch it off

      Hannah Fearn
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In pictures

  • Flares of despair: the human cost of Iraq’s oil – in pictures

    Pollution and extraction of water are having a huge impact on local communities. High rates of cancer and respiratory problems are the norm, while marshes dry out and fish die in the rivers
  • The week in wildlife – in pictures

  • Fiji celebrates World Sea Turtle Day with conservation project – in pictures

  • Chimp cuddles and clever coyotes: the 10th BigPicture Natural World photography competition – in pictures

  • The week in wildlife – in pictures

  • Coral slime, burning trees – and hope: Earth Photo 2023 shortlist – in pictures

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  • Rare footage of platypuses fighting in the wild – video

  • Sex trafficking: the fight to recover India’s stolen children



    The Sundarbans is the world’s largest mangrove forest, but repeated natural disasters and environmental changes to the region have created a highly vulnerable population increasingly at risk of participating in or becoming victims of child trafficking.
  • Footage from space shows Canada wildfires smoke reaching Pennsylvania – video



    Satellite images captured from the International Space Station show smoke from Canada's raging wildfires spreading to the US
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