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  • The Stroll: looking back on the lives of trans sex workers in New York City

    In a new documentary, two trans film-makers aim to shed light on a community often stereotyped and undervalued
  • No Hard Feelings review – Jennifer Lawrence comedy plays sex work for laughs

  • The Wicker Man review – brilliant conspiracy chiller is a one-movie genre in itself

  • The Driver’s Seat (AKA Identikit) review – Elizabeth Taylor captivates in bizarre 70s mystery

  • Nimona review – a shapeshifter and a knight join forces in queer science fantasy

  • Post your questions for Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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  • Search for missing actor Julian Sands scaled back

    • Apple TV+ remake of sci-fi classic Metropolis cancelled due to US writers’ strike

    • Al Pacino, 83, and girlfriend Noor Alfallah, 29, welcome new baby

    • Reprieved Edinburgh film festival announces opening film

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  • The Super 8 Years review – the family life of a Nobel prizewinner caught on film

  • She Came from the Woods review – jolly romp raising the ghosts of 80s teen horror

    Summer-fun-and-slashing tale of camp counsellors in bloody peril has clear cinematic ancestors but the young cast gives it fresh appeal
  • Makeup review – secret life of a drag-artist banker underpins tender friendship tale

    The story of an unlikely friendship between a city type and a haughty Frenchman has moments of genuine pathos but doesn’t quite feel real
  • Elemental review – fire and water fall in love in multicoloured, unworldly Pixar fable

  • Eskape review – moving tale of a refugee’s dangerous journey out of Cambodia

  • November review – replay of Bataclan terror response is good PR for French cops

  • Jesus Revolution review – Christian hippy drama is happy clappy propaganda

  • Sunlight review – a life-affirming take on assisted dying

  • Stars at Noon review – edgy expat drama from Claire Denis

  • Inland review – magnificent Mark Rylance powers Forest of Dean folk horror

  • The Flash review – nicely irreverent superhero film

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Video & audio

  • Our critics’ guide to a summer of music, movies and culture

  • Ray Stevenson's most memorable roles – video



    Northern Irish actor, who often played warriors in productions including Rome and Vikings, was hospitalised suddenly while filming in Italy
  • Weekend podcast: Little Mermaid star Halle Bailey, Marina Hyde on the This Morning ‘rift’, and the bereaved sex taboo

    Nothing is more important to the country right now than Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield’s alleged rift, and Marina Hyde is gripped; Little Mermaid star Halle Bailey talks about overcoming self-doubt, her soulmate sister Chlöe, and inspiring the next generation; and author Kat Lister explores the stigma of grieving partners’ sexuality.
  • Why China just can't quit Hollywood – video



  • First feature film shot in space premieres in Russia – video



  • Why has gaming taken over? – Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

  • Are we over the Oscars? Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph

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  • Fierce, sensual, cerebral: Glenda Jackson brought class to cinema

    Peter Bradshaw
  • Chris Hemsworth thinks Thor has become ‘too silly’ – if superheroes are turning on Marvel, is endgame nigh?

    Stuart Heritage
  • Royal but redundant: why the Disney prince is an endangered species

    Guy Bigel
  • Kenneth Anger: Tinseltown’s outrageous magus of occult desire

    Peter Bradshaw
  • Ghosted is not romantic – it’s a walking red flag

    Jess Bacon
  • Tracking down and snapping retired stars is a gross and uneasy trend

    Stuart Heritage
  • Jude Law’s Henry VIII, Alicia Vikander’s Catherine Parr – and Johnny Depp as Louis XV: Cannes again lays on a king’s banquet

    Peter Bradshaw
  • Today’s ‘films’ are nothing of the sort – so stop calling them that

    John Boorman
  • Quentin Tarantino’s next film is about a film critic. Should I be scared?

    Peter Bradshaw
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once owes its smashing Oscars victory to its amazing resonance

    Peter Bradshaw
  • Michael Caine might not like it, but Zulu shows cinema’s power to rewrite history

    Peter Bradshaw
  • Chaim Topol: the Fiddler on the Roof star showed Jews their origin story

    Siam Goorwich
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  • Actor Natalie Morales on the end of Roe: ‘I don’t want to sow divisiveness any more’

  • ‘If you have dreams, follow them!’ Paul Nicholas on Bowie, the Bee Gees, playing Jesus – and ruffling the king’s hair

    In six decades in showbiz, he has been murdered by Screaming Lord Sutch, played the lead in Hair, had hit singles and a hit sitcom – and surprised Serge Gainsbourg
  • ‘The fists were up and ready’: working with the returning Glenda Jackson

    After retiring from politics, Glenda Jackson made three films: one for TV, Elizabeth is Missing, and two for the big screen, Mothering Sunday and the upcoming The Great Escaper. The people behind those projects remember a fierce, funny and formidable titan
  • Boyd Holbrook: ‘You know what I’m striving for? The perfect performance’

  • Bryan Cranston: ‘My dad wanted to be a star. How futile is that?’

  • Ice Cube: ‘Keep your reparations. It’s about access to capital, and we’re being shut out’

  • ‘It’s ethically dubious – but that’s love’: The young man with a brain tumour filming his family’s reaction


  • Mark Kermode's film of the week
    Pretty Red Dress review – toe-tapping London tale of desire and identity

  • Streaming and DVDs
    Streaming: One Fine Morning and the best films about children parenting their parents

  • Week in geek
    All hail Darth Shannon – the Star Wars villain we’ll never get to see

  • Steve Rose on film
    Why the heavily criticised digital revolution has been good for cinema

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  • ‘People thought they knew the story’: the rise and fall of Milli Vanilli

  • ‘It’s ethically dubious – but that’s love’: The young man with a brain tumour filming his family’s reaction

    When Kit Vincent was told he had terminal cancer aged 24, he decided to shoot his parents and girlfriend during his final years – no matter how uncomfortable it made them. The result is an extraordinarily moving film, which premieres in Sheffield on Friday
  • Masterpieces and oddities: Cormac McCarthy’s bleak, bold and batty films

    Luke Buckmaster
    From the exemplary adaptation of No Country for Old Men to the offbeat screenplay for The Counselor, McCarthy’s sparse style lent itself to cinema
  • Past Lives: the powerful yearning of what might be 2023’s best movie

  • ‘We used a rocket-launcher for his leap to freedom!’ How we made Free Willy

  • Gay best friend: a history of Hollywood’s favourite queer character

  • Acting, sexiness and late babies: why Pacino v De Niro is the daddy of all rivalries

    Stuart Heritage
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