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  • Golden nuggets
    KFC price hikes in Australia outpace McDonald’s with some products up to 25% dearer than a year ago

    Higher-than-inflation rises add to pressure on consumers facing steep price increases for food
  • Australian winter recipes
    10 Yotam Ottolenghi dishes to cook as the weather turns cold

  • Why are Australians paying so much for alcohol-free drinks that aren’t taxed?

    Cameron Shackell for the Conversation
  • The no-wash movement
    Would you wear underpants for a week without cleaning them?

  • Zoe Williams

    My generation drank to quell our self-loathing. Gen Z is admirably tough and teetotal

    Zoe Williams
  • If it’s broken, they fix it
    Four fashion brands that give their garments a second life

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  • Gabrielle Chan

    Sourdough may be a star carb but watch the ingredients

    Gabrielle Chan
    Some shop-bought loaves amount to ‘sourfaux’ because of the additives. So do what I finally did long after moving to a wheat farm – bake your own
  • Midweek meal
    Tamal Ray’s recipe for lamb and halloumi flatbreads

  • How to use up wilted herbs in a brilliant Middle Eastern spice blend – recipe

    • Frittata, koftas and salad
      Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes for cooking with feta

    • From ornamental tree to fruit ‘of the gods’
      Australians discover the joy of feijoa

    • No milk, no rolled oats and always add salt
      How to make porridge like a champion

    • ‘They need to evolve’
      Why Britain’s curry houses are in decline

    • Flaky, portable and very moreish
      How to make vegetable samosas – recipe

    • ‘It’s a travesty they’ve disappeared’
      What ever happened to jaffle irons?

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  • I am 25 and have never been kissed. Have I missed my chance?

  • How I found joy in life without children of my own

    I wanted kids and once was ashamed not to have them. But things changed when I began asking myself new questions
  • Share your stories about your first loves

    We would like to hear from people about their first love, why it mattered and if you still think about them now
  • Home alone with my son, we decide to enter the boyzone

    Séamas O’Reilly
  • Are you Daddy Pig or Logan Roy? A Father’s Day celebration of dads

  • Our son is refusing to go to school – and we feel so isolated

  • The moment I knew: our visa situation made things complicated – then he proposed, hypothetically

  • This is how we do it: ‘We just watch for now, but soon we plan to have sex with another couple’

  • Tim Dowling: is this a hangover – or just what being 60 feels like?

  • Blind date: ‘I may have embarrassed him by asking if he was rich’

  • A bot on the side: is it adultery if you cheat with an AI companion?

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  • Petri-dish leather and silk spun from sugar
    Could future fashion be grown in a lab?

    Companies around the world are developing lab-grown alternatives to leather, silk and even diamonds, but there are questions about their sustainability claims
  • Practically perfect
    You can’t beat cargo when it comes to utility and style

  • ‘I’m demoralised about the landscape of fashion’: cult designer Martine Rose

  • Court couture
    Why tennis fashion owes it all to Suzanne Lenglen

  • How Australian fashion fell to pieces

  • How to pick knits
    Six questions to ask before buying that cardigan

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  • ‘Your body is miraculous – enjoy it!’ 10 ways to be much more body-confident

  • Can you wear sweaty gym clothes twice? How to join the no-wash revolution

    If you’re tempted by the thought of doing less laundry, here is everything you need to know, from spot-cleaning to moths to staying odour-free
  • Should I worry about my VO2 max?

    Most people have never heard of VO2 max. A few know it has something to do with oxygen consumption. But how is it measured? And what does a high or low figure mean?
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  • I was told to live like a tourist after my 18,000km move. But I owe Tasmania more than that

    When Ruth Dawkins’ husband got a job halfway around the world 10 years ago, she wasn’t convinced. But a rosella and a rainbow changed her mind
  • The world’s most perfect places are being turned into backdrops for our tourist selfies

    Tobias Jones
  • Sky high
    Australians face 50% hike in air fares to fly to Europe this year, data suggests

    • Airbnb and holiday home owners urged to let out properties to long-term renters

    • Deserted islands: the push to make owners responsible for ‘derelict’ Queensland resorts

    • ‘You’re going to get wet’: revellers soak up Thailand’s first post-pandemic Songkran water festival

    • ‘Why would we stop holidaying together?’
      Three families on the joy of travelling with adult children

    • The latest lure in the White Lotus’s tales of corruption and greed? The luxury hotels of Thailand

    • ‘Much less stressful’: London City airport ends 100ml liquid rule

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  • One in nine Australians is a carer - are you one of them?

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  • 5 cross-functional skills almost every industry looks for in an employee

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  • How to elevate your vodka soda: conversations with a spirits blender

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  • Get ahead and keep it simple: small business tax tips for EOFY

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  • Crossword blog
    Crossword blog: Everyman from No 1 to 4,000

  • Cryptic crosswords
    Cryptic crossword No 29,103

    • Quick crosswords
      Quick crossword No 16,576

    • Sudoku
      Sudoku 6,106 hard

    • Prize crosswords
      Prize crossword No 29,099

    • Killer sudoku
      Observer killer sudoku

    • Thomas Eaton
      Which three current national capitals have hosted the Winter Olympics? The Saturday quiz

    • Alex Bellos's Monday puzzle
      Did you solve it? Police academy

The big picture

  • Milan men’s fashion week spring/summer 2024: the highlights – in pictures

    From green alien slime and sofa inspired sweaters, to student scholarships and circular linen, the mood in Milan was as playful as it was mindful
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