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  • Katharine Viner

    A new supporter every two minutes: how readers powered our journalism in 2020

    Katharine Viner
  • Frontline workers trust the Guardian’s reporting on coronavirus more than any other UK print or online media outlet

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  • Made in Britain
    'Now more than ever, we must involve and empower people'

    Senior video producer John Domokos on a community-focused video series highlighting social issues facing Britons today
  • Telling the story of the Freshwater Five
    'Millions are debating their innocence'

  • On the ground in Yemen
    ‘A place of wonder overshadowed by conflict’

    Our Turkey and Middle East correspondent reflects on a violent, tangled conflict that touches even the youngest lives
  • Reporting from Myanmar
    'The future has never been darker'

    Two journalists reflect on danger, fear and uncertainty of life in the country – and the risks people are taking to access information
    • Interview with First Dog on the Moon
      ‘I ask myself: what if a pineapple was doing this?’

    • Reverberate
      The Guardian's new podcast on the soundtrack to history

    • Editing the Guardian experience column
      'It's about profound moments of discovery'

    • Making Modern Masculinity
      'It felt like we needed to build bridges'


Listen to recordings of debates, interviews, dinners and festivals held in collaborations with our members
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Our community

Discussions, debates, interviews and festivals that bring The Guardian's award-winning journalism to life
  • Covid-19 and technology
    ‘This time has shown me that analogue life has its advantages’

  • Reviewing the arts in lockdown
    'Life is lonelier, but also more thoughtful'

  • Peterloo 200 years on
    'My ancestor founded the Guardian. Its work has never been so vital'

  • The potato solution
    How the Guardian switched to biodegradable packaging

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