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  • Newcrest’s Cadia goldmine fails to meet clean air standards, NSW EPA finds

    Regulator’s call for action on dust pollution comes after local residents reported blood tests with high levels of selenium, nickel and copper
  • Hunt for serial crocodile killer in Queensland after second decapitation

  • Gabrielle Chan

    Sourdough may be a star carb but watch the ingredients

    Gabrielle Chan
  • Broken Hill council to stop paying traditional owners for performing welcome to country

  • EPA begins free rainwater testing near Cadia goldmine

  • PwC Australia scandal: $27m river modelling contract referred to audit body

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  • Nature prescriptions: how reconnecting with the landscape healed a bushfire-ravaged community

    Three years after the black summer fires, Snowy Valleys council launched a nature trail to help residents work through grief
  • A giant ‘sand slug’ born from mining and land clearing is slowly choking the Murray River

  • ‘It’s bloody dangerous’: north Queenslanders grow salty over rapidly increasing crocodile population

    • Avoiding the monoculture: Italian migrants in Ingham fight to keep their history alive

    • Something in the water: heavy metal contamination near NSW goldmine has health experts worried

    • ‘Very, very hot’: Japanese backpacker nears Cairns after travelling 3,000km across Australia on a scooter

    • Anxiety stirs in NSW community as Cadia mine investigated over heavy metals in blood tests

    • Extreme weather and rising premiums make parts of regional Australia ‘uninsurable’

    • NSW announces $2m to research regional motor neurone disease hotspot

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  • Calla Wahlquist

    Love them or loathe them Facebook groups can be a lifeline for rural communities

    Calla Wahlquist
  • What to do with 1.8m hectares of Victorian public forest?

    • ‘A community like this is interlinked’: how road deaths ripple through Australia’s small towns

    • ‘We have to do our bit’: the rural Australians campaigning for the Indigenous voice

    • ‘They don’t get country footy’: the regional Victorian clubs saying no to the AFL

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  • Gabrielle Chan

    Sorting out the succession can turn ordinary farming families into the Roy children

    Gabrielle Chan
  • Gabrielle Chan

    To offset or inset emissions? Australian farmers are ‘flying blind in a low-carbon world’

    Gabrielle Chan
    • The labour shortage in regional towns forced our daughter out of childcare

      Lucy Jones
    • Gabrielle Chan

      From sheep duffing to cattle rustling, how big a problem is livestock theft in Australia?

      Gabrielle Chan
    • Gabrielle Chan

      This is not Utopia: how will the inland rail project stand up to real-life scrutiny?

      Gabrielle Chan
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  • Officials challenged to drink town water where millions of fish died in Australian river – video



  • Menindee reacts to latest fish kills: 'An Australian disaster like bushfire and floods' – video



    Millions of fish are thought to have died in the latest mass fish death event in Menindee

  • Drone footage shows millions of dead fish in river near Menindee - video



    Millions of dead fish are seen floating in the Darling-Baaka River in New South Wales, the latest in a series of mass fish deaths in the region

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