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  • Leigh Sales nominated for Gold Logie for first time

    ABC presenter up against two-time winner Hamish Blake for the award for most popular personality, while The Twelve and Mystery Road: Origin lead in other categories
  • MasterChef Australia: behind-the-scenes visits can be strange. In this case, it was bittersweet

  • The Betoota Advocate Presents review – satirical news website’s TV debut is fast and funny

  • Three things with Natalie Tran: ‘I don’t know how people don’t have rice cookers … it should be illegal’

  • I left Pentecostalism 17 years ago. Now I’m witnessing others make their own exodus from Hillsong

    Marc Fennell
  • Amanda Meade

    Sun sets on David Koch’s 21 years of breakfast television with farewell extravaganza

    Amanda Meade
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What to watch

  • Based on a True Story – a couple makes a killer podcast in fun, flimsy series

    Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina add considerable charm to a watchable, if flimsy, comedy thriller about a dangerous pact
  • The Crowded Room – Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried’s new drama drags on and on (and on)

  • The Idol – light bondage and heavy sleaze make for the ultimate try-hard TV

    • White House Plumbers – you’ll give up on Woody Harrelson’s Watergate drama after one episode

    • Barry finale – farewell to the true best show on television

    • Succession finale – a perfect, terrible goodbye

    • Fubar – Arnie’s a natural comedian in this unstoppably daft crime drama

    • XO, Kitty – convoluted but charming Netflix teen series

    • High Desert – Patricia Arquette’s comedy is so jampacked it’s exhausting

Episode recaps

  • Secret Invasion episode one
    It’s true, the world has been invaded by reptilians disguised as humans!

    Bombs, aliens and Samuel L Jackson: the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s return to the small screen was an intriguing, darker affair – featuring a brilliant performance from Olivia Colman
  • Succession: the finale
    Probably the most feelbad ending in TV history

  • Succession season four, episode nine
    What happened to Roman’s ‘pre-grieving’?

  • Succession season four, episode eight
    Nothing is more sadistic than the words ‘Is that even true?’

  • Succession season four, episode seven
    Never accept a gift from Tom Wambsgans

  • Succession series four, episode six
    Logan’s back!

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  • Wonders of the World I Can’t See
    Chris McCausland makes a rare travel show worth tuning in for

  • Black Mirror season six
    Prepare to convulse in horror on the sofa

    • Count Abdulla
      The hour for Muslim vampires has cometh!

    • Queen of Oz
      Catherine Tate is truly monstrous in her new BBC sitcom

    • Our Planet II
      So much of David Attenborough’s new show is just astonishing

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  • YouTube star Patricia Bright: ‘I pick my life over being an influencer’

  • TV tonight: uncovering historical abuse at Britain’s football clubs

    A three-part series speaks to the survivors trying to get justice. Plus: an Oscar-shortlisted Storyville documentary. Here’s what to watch this evening
  • Six of the best sport documentaries, from Last Chance U to Valley Uprising

    Few expressions of humanity can depict higher highs or lower lows. Here is a selection of the most heart-stopping and exhilarating examples
  • ‘There’s no wrong way to be gay’: behind the scenes of Love, Victor

  • Hammer House of Horror: the twisted suburban tales that inspired Mark Gatiss and more

  • Super satire: will The Boys usher in an age of self-aware heroes?

  • No way José: Football is no soap opera, despite Amazon's efforts

  • Extra terrestrial: how lockdown revived linear TV

  • Borgen is back: here's why you should catch up before its Netflix return

  • Murder in paradise: how the British authorities failed Delroy Walker

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  • ‘My reproductive life is over? That’s liberating!’
    Bridget Christie on comedy, TV and the menopause

  • Bite the hand that streams!
    Charlie Brooker is trolling Netflix – and it’s breathtaking

    Black Mirror had become a grim, horrid dud … until Brooker used the new season to lash out at his bankrollers like a petulant child. Is this the ultimate act of self-sabotage?
  • I’m a Virgo
    This magical tale about a giant teenager is joyously bold

    Sheer ambition shines from this anti-superhero drama about a 13-foot-tall black teen. Writer and director Boots Riley’s series goes places where you struggle to follow – but that’s the point
  • ​​‘You’d need to talk to my therapist about that’
    Aaron Paul on Black Mirror, AI and his love of dark roles

  • ‘Maybe I’m a prude now!’
    Graham Norton on drag, dreams, death and desire

  • Nauseating, hateful TV
    How The Idol has single-handedly resurrected torture porn

  • ‘Why is Bridgerton’s race twisting acceptable?’
    The real problem with the show’s Black fantasy

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