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  • Burned to the Ground
    The Canadian village incinerated by record temperatures



    The small village of Lytton in British Columbia hit the global media when it smashed Canada's highest temperature record in June 2021, at 49.6C. Two days later, a wildfire burned the entire village to the ground. In the ashes of their homes, this cohesive but diverse community, which includes a majority of First Nations people, had to confront the realities of climate displacement by being relocated away from their ancestral lands. Through the stories of three residents we find a community searching for answers while relying on a collective spirit to heal
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  • Armed Israeli settlers attack Palestinian town in revenge rampage – video



  • Titanic sub search: US Coast Guard says noises were heard yesterday – video



  • Gas explosion sets buildings on fire in Paris – video



  • Grenades in the French Alps: Protesters clash with police over world's longest tunnel – video



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  • The Women's Ashes: Everything you need to know – video explainer



  • Carlos Alcaraz wins spectacular point despite slipping at Queen's – video



  • Pat Cummins revels in 'pretty satisfying' victory as Australia take Ashes series lead – video



  • New Zealand urge Fifa to do more after walk-off against Qatar over alleged racism – video report



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  • ‘It's a community coming together’
    An army of volunteers fight to save their river



    Angela Jones has spent her life swimming in the Rivers Wye and Usk. Five years ago she began to notice the impact of pollution and decided to fight back. Now an army of volunteers have come together to gather data and evidence, and bring about change, before it is too late
  • Ukraine war: saving animals from the flood waters of Kherson – video



  • Sex trafficking: the fight to recover India’s stolen children



    The Sundarbans is the world’s largest mangrove forest, but repeated natural disasters and environmental changes to the region have created a highly vulnerable population increasingly at risk of participating in or becoming victims of child trafficking.
  • 'Every man is struggling': the rising mental health crisis as UK gets poorer



    The north-east has suffered decades of industrial decline and a devastating cost of living crisis, which men say is having a detrimental impact on their mental health. Video producers Maeve Shearlaw and Christopher Cherry follow Earl John Charlton, who is using his experience of homelessness and drug addiction to get other men to open up. From walk and talks to open mic nights, amid the reality of working in a declining industry, he tells men in his community that it’s OK not to be OK
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  • What's happening in Scotland's ruling party, the SNP? – video explainer



  • Why this Ashes is critical for the future of cricket – video explainer



  • How Newcastle made it back to the Champions League – video explainer

  • Imran Khan: who is the man dividing Pakistan? – video explainer



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  • How Haiti came to be run by armed gangs – video



  • Why China just can't quit Hollywood – video



  • How Russian propaganda has been forced to evolve – video



  • Why women are leading the Iranian protests – video



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Watch our series of in-depth films exploring in rich detail the stories behind the headlines
  • The year that never ended
    How a Ukrainian comedian rebuilt a stranger's house



  • Ghosts of Moria
    Living in the ashes of Europe's largest migrant camp



    As Europe’s most infamous migrant camp burned to the ground on the island of Lesbos in 2020, two Syrian friends evaded police to stay, scavenging for metal to survive

  • Skyward
    Birdwatching is belonging for two teenage conservationists



    Young birdwatchers Mya and Arjun feel the pressure of climate breakdown and the biodiversity crisis. As two reserved teenagers on the cusp of adulthood, they find comfort in birdwatching while being distant from their peers. Fascinated by migratory patterns, Mya spends her time searching for rare bird species, while Arjun is captivated by the beauty of birdsong. As their passion for nature inspires them to raise awareness of conservation and the climate emergency in their communities, they find themselves and their voices, emerging as local leaders among a new generation of conservationists

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  • These are the people holding Britain together – video



  • The town where Brexit died, but hope survives - video



  • How deep in crisis is Britain? This Tory heartland knows the answer - video



  • ‘I care, but I don't care’: What people in the UK really think about life after the Queen - video



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  • Made in North Edinburgh: bringing a festival back to life – video



  • Made in London: the TikTok star taking on poor social housing – video



  • Made in Tredegar: the Welsh town that changed the world – video



  • Made in Liverpool: This land is our land – video



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